Coronavirus Update

May 18, 2020 | 0 comments

To Our Patients:

We hope that you and your loved ones have been staying home and staying safe and remained healthy during this recent pandemic. While it’s far from over, more businesses are starting to open, including ours. Soon we will be back to our usual office hours but with many significant changes to keep you, our patients, and our staff safe.

We are spacing out the visits more and seeing fewer patients a day, so we will not have a crowded waiting room. We plan on continuing and expanding our telemedicine visits since this has worked out very well by video or phone during our reduced office hours. These types of visits are perfect for exams that don’t require a microscope or dilated pupils.

We want to make the most of your time with us taking care of your medical needs, not having you do paperwork, so with this in mind we encourage everyone to complete their forms on the portal ahead of your appointment. This is easy to do; you will get an email or text a few days prior to your appointment with a link to click which will take you to the portal. In addition, one of our fantastic technicians will call you a few days ahead of your appointment to review the reason for your appointment, update your medical and medication histories, and prepare for your visit.

You will find that the waiting room has many fewer chairs as we continue to promote social distancing, and you’ll be asked some COVID-19 related questions and have your temperature taken upon entering. You’ll be treated to a hand sanitizer squirt and a mask if you don’t have one. We will ask you to text or call our special phone number that we have just for this purpose upon arrival in the parking lot, and you will receive a text or call back when we’re ready for you to come up! We are asking each patient to come into the office unaccompanied unless they need help with mobility or other special issues, so that we don’t overcrowd the office. We also require everyone to wear masks while in the office.

We want to assure you that we are following all of the recommended guidelines for infection control and sanitizing. Our employees have all been isolating, all are well and having their temperatures checked daily as well, and all are wearing masks and washing their hands before and after every patient encounter and in between. The rooms and equipment are sanitized between patients, so please be patient if things take a little longer than expected, but rest assured everything is germ-free. Please bring reading material with you as we will keep you in one room while your eyes dilate, and we have removed all of the magazines.

As always we’re here for you, so please don’t hesitate to call us with questions and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Wayne X.
19:26 09 Oct 20
Dr. Gross is truly wonderful !
Kimberly Levana R.
21:52 28 Mar 19
Terry A.
20:15 04 Mar 19
Martha M.
03:04 04 Mar 19
Always a pleasant and efficient experience. Love my eye doctor!!
Gautam M.
17:04 03 Mar 19
Ralph L.
15:45 03 Mar 19
I have always had a first-class professional experience with Dr. Gross. This year, my appointment started a little later than usual, but there were more patients ahead of me than usual. The assistant's initial eye check and refraction went smoothly, and Dr. Gross took the time to give me a thorough exam, with an emphasis on checking for signs of glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic neuropathy. I'll see her again next year.
Antoinette I.
15:34 24 Feb 19
Melissa S.
13:51 18 Feb 19
Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and caring
Norma K.
23:31 04 Feb 19
Really nice front office and Dr. Gross is always a warm professional to see.
Odus S.
21:56 04 Feb 19
Excellent for all aspects!!!
Glennon W.
15:32 26 Jan 19
Marlene M.
02:59 24 Jan 19
Dr. Holly Gross was wonderfully kind to me and knew exactly what was wrong and how to treat it. I'm so grateful to have her taking care of my eyes.
Tom B.
17:24 20 Jan 19
Professional, friendly, great staff and Dr. Gross is the best. Had Cataract surgery and general eye work done over several years and very satisfied.
Steve B.
15:07 13 Jan 19
Dr Fahimi was very thorough and professional with my eye addition to being pleasant and kind.
Vladimir C.
00:24 08 Jan 19
Larry M.
00:06 17 Dec 18
Jeff F.
17:32 16 Dec 18
Vincent T.
01:28 20 Nov 18
tracy G.
23:41 19 Nov 18
I love this practice. The girls at the front desk are amazing. The techs in the back are vert knowledgeable and friendly. They put you at ease and explain everything. There was a very short wait in the waiting room.My Doctor is Doctor Noothetti. I suffer from glaucoma which is very scary and I required a procedure pretty quickly. She rearranged her schedule to make room for me. I would highly recommend her and this practice.
Fred F.
16:57 14 Nov 18
Joy B.
17:19 11 Nov 18
My husband and I are very satisfied with the professionalism and friendliness of the Doctors and Staff. We feel we are in good hands.
Nancy L.
21:47 04 Nov 18
Dr. Gross has been my ophthalmologist fo many years. She is knowledgeable and professional.
Barb F.
14:47 31 Oct 18
Dr. Gross is caring and competent. Cataract surgery was a breeze thanks to her thorough description of the procedure and options available prior to the procedure. Her confidence and competence allowed me to await the surgery without anxiety. The office staff is friendly and competent.
Trish G.
14:37 27 Oct 18
Got an appointment on short notice when I needed it, and got the care I needed.
Shannon M.
14:09 15 Oct 18
Peter N.
17:05 07 Oct 18
James B.
13:23 03 Oct 18
Susan W.
16:33 01 Oct 18
Dr. Gross was immensely competent and careful. She was also very nice. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Richard D.
16:12 24 Sep 18
Lisa B.
14:09 23 Sep 18
Charles B.
16:17 16 Sep 18
Dr. Gross is my favorite doctor. She is always so thorough and informative. She has been my ophthalmologist for years and I have always been very impressed with her. I moved to West Virginia, but I still drive to Maryland to see her. And beyond being a great doctor, she is a wonderful, kind person.
Columba G.
14:14 21 Jul 18
Dr. Nootheti and all the others were very helpful. I use a walker and received all the extra help I needed. The building itself was accessible with the help for the outer door.Columba
Ana M.
21:04 25 Jun 18
Michael L.
15:38 17 Jun 18
11:29 03 Jun 18
Dr. Gross is one of two physicians in the DC area that I have dealt with in the past 14 years that I would label a "true professional". Even though the results of my eye surgery were not what I hoped for, she worked with me to make the situation right.
Irada I.
01:59 24 May 18
13:10 20 May 18
15:46 23 Apr 18
The entire office is wonderful from front desk staff, to providers. I see Dr. Fahimi who is phenomenal. Professional, easy to talk with and down to earth. I will be a patient of theirs forever.
Fitzgerald B.
16:24 06 Apr 18
The staff is friendly and professional. Dr Gross runs the office where your time is respected and appointments are processed with care.
Bonnie T.
02:03 23 Jun 17
This practice is off the charts! On a scale from 1- 10. I rate them 20+. They came to me as a referral from someone else and I want to express how you wont be I hope you will take my referral . I refer anyone that is looking for the best practice! Very knowledgeable, thorough, and truly cares for their patients. Thank you Dr. Gross for having an outstanding practice. I am forever grateful for all that you have done!!
Tom P.
01:51 23 Nov 16
I had cataract surgery in both eyes with Dr. Gross. The operations went quickly, without any setbacks, and most importantly were successful. The office staff made a detailed process easy to manage. I knew exactly what to expect through out the entire process. The office was convenient with handy parking.
Shoshana B.
18:23 18 Nov 16
Dr. Gross is very knowledgeable and a caring doctor. I would recommend her!
Judy F.
04:10 28 Oct 16
I am a patient of Dr. Yeh. He is excellent. He knows his field, he is thorough and gentle, and readily explains anything you want to know, in language you can understand. You just can't ask for better than that!
Diane F.
18:09 22 Oct 16
Dr. Fahimi is a lifesaver! She was able to solve my problem with her recommendations in just a week. Much thanks to her!
Tom T.
14:16 23 Sep 16
Dr Gross is very understanding and great to work with. She quickly diagnoses problems and the staff is very helpful
James M.
12:56 26 Aug 16
Was seen by Dr Fahimi, and she did a great job. Turns out the problem that I had with my left eye was just a stye, which she was able to lance during my visit. The eye is doing much better now - thanks!!!
17:24 05 Jul 16
I have been a patient of Dr Holly Gross for many years and have always gotten friendly and professional service.
claude R.
13:57 06 May 16
Dr. Gross is FANTASTIC!
Elizabeth J.
15:45 08 Apr 16
Dr. Yeh is great, he literally helped me to see again. He is patient and professional. The entire staff is wonderful to work with and very helpful.
James M.
19:33 13 Feb 16
Holly worked me into her schedule for a comprehensive exam prior to my surgery in Frederick. As usual my wait time was brief with the help of her knowledgeable receptionist. The technician performed all the diagnostics in no time at all. Holly then performed the final additional tests. It was a perfect professional and caring visit.I have been a patient of hers for many years so I am able to assure all those looking for such services that she is outstanding in her profession. Jim Maleady
Julia K.
02:03 23 Nov 15
Very professional and welcoming staff and Dr. Gross was very thorough.
Ladies A.
03:53 21 Nov 15
Although I was apprehensive traveling to Montgomery county for this appointment, it was well worth it. Dr. Gross was very thorough with the exam, answered all questions, and prompt to schedule me for needed surgery. I was also impressed with the office staff who were knowledgeable with the steps & appointments leading up to the surgery appointment. I would highly recommend Dr. Gross.
Larry H.
18:11 24 Oct 15
I recently visited Dr. Yeh for my annual exam. The office personnel are knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. Dr. Yeh is an excellent physician. He initially diagnosed a torn retina 2 years ago and immediately referred me to a retinal specialist who corrected the problem the next day.Dr. Yeh is extremely detailed in his approach to eye care. I feel in good hands when he's doing his thing.A great doctor, office and experience. 5 stars, hands down.
Pam M.
14:20 24 Oct 15
Friendly and informative staff. Wait time was just a few seconds. I received a comprehensive exam. Dr. Holly M. Gross explained the procedure and asked if I had any questions.Parking was available both outside of office and in an indoor garage. The directions were accurate.This is one of the best office staff and doctor appointments I have had.This experience was a five star Plus.
Aimee S.
13:42 23 Oct 15
Unbelievably brilliant, kind and thoughtful...The doctor everyone is looking for.
14:58 25 Sep 15
Alec R.
18:37 06 Sep 15
Dr. Gross is the most caring doctor I have met in this country. She's highly qualified and attentive. She spent a ton of time taking my wife's eye pressure, who's in the late stages of Alzheimer's. Because of her recommendations, my wife's pressure is now normal. Also, when helping with my eye problems she spent time contacting my cardiologist and other doctors to make sure I received proper care.
Walter L.
15:25 29 Aug 15
Dr. Gross did all my cataract surgeries over 10 years ago when she was located in White Flint Md. Lost contact with her after she moved to Frederick. I've seen several other doctors since then, but none came close to her knowledge and professionalism. Not only are her exams complete she does an excellent job of explaining what she does and finds during your visit. I so never more happy when I recently found out she had open an office in Rockville. I just had my physical with primary doctor and needed to have my eyes checked since I am diabetic. I immediately made an appointment with her and guess what. She hasn't change one bit on what she does. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. W.Lee
Amirka S.
16:26 28 Aug 15
Friendly and professional staff and doctor.
Carla M
14:56 28 Aug 15
I've had a great experience during each of my visits with Dr. Yeh. He is very knowledgeable and thorough with exams and will take time to address your questions. The office staff is friendly and professional.
Karen L.
03:43 03 Aug 15
Eugene S.
19:01 31 Jul 15
Wonderful doctors. Thorough, efficient and caring. Drs. Gross and associates handled my mini-emergency speedily, recognizing my anxiety about the situation.I had and continue to have complete confidence in this practice.
Anna D.
16:12 31 Jul 15
Easy. Parking is easy. We waited about five minutes. The front desk staff was courteous. The forms were easy to fill out. We are very happy with Dr. Gross.
Everett O.
16:06 03 Jul 15
Friendly staff and always happy to answer questions and share advise. Will continue to use them for all my eye needs.
Mohammad A.
13:51 03 Jul 15
Very courteous and very professional. It was a very nice experience
Sandra L.
15:42 08 May 15
I am very pleased with the office and Dr. Gross. I have great confidence in both.
Robert B.
15:48 08 Apr 15
I had cataract surgery on both eyes, one month apart. The first was in the Frederick surgical center, and the second in Rockville. Both were performed by Dr. David Yeh. The process was professional and efficient, and I was quit satisfied with both surgical centers, and with the surgeries themselves. Dr. Yeh is a pleasure to deal with, he explains things in layman terms and is quite patient in answering my questions.
Thomas L.
12:21 03 Apr 15
Dr Gross and Dr Yeh are both very efficient, nice, pure professional, no pressure.Looking forward to retain them as my doctors.
Bernie K.
02:00 03 Apr 15
Dr. Gross is a very good opthamologist and very thorough. I have been a patient for a very long time and would drive to Frederick from Potomac before she opened her Rockville office. She has done cataract surgery on both of my eyes and I was very satisfied with the results. She detected a retinal tear early and sent me to a specialist.I would recommend her very highly to anyone who is looking for a good eye doctor.
Steve B.
00:49 03 Apr 15
Dr. Gross did eye surgery on one of my eyes and has been my eye doctor for a number of years, along with her colleague Dr. Yeh. They are both incredibly smart, caring and careful doctors; I trust them both completely. I highly recommend Drs. Gross and Yeh.
Nancy D.
22:46 02 Apr 15
Dr. Gross is wonderful. I had been looking for a new eye doctor unsuccessfully since relocating to the area several years ago and I found Dr Gross! I have stopped the search.
Boyd C.
17:04 02 Apr 15
Nice doctors and staff. Professional.
Andrew B.
13:33 02 Apr 15
The service I received from the medical staff was thorough and conscientious. I left my examination with greater confidence than when I entered. I would recommend Ms Gross and her staff to anyone interested in, or requiring, a medical eye exam.